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Remapping a city when you can't start from scratch, similar to remodeling a home!

Or can you? How do rewire an entire empire that has evolved with dependencies built on other dependencies? That's the question! It's not impossible but it requires a great project or construction management team along with a financial roadmap. Construction management IS project management!

Project management includes a tracking system to make each person involved in the project accountable for their part which includes a task to track and account for finances, time management, inter-task dependency, and inspections. The system can be online or web-based, accessible to all or limited team members, contractors, subcontractors and the list can go on and on. It allows all the stakeholders, contributors, and subject-matter-experts to communicate, collaborate, and visualize the remapping of the new city!

So how do you find a solid general contractor (GC) who has a well-organized project management process for the construction of your new home, remodeling project, or remapping? It's actually much simpler than one would think. It's all about questions, accountability, and references! Call around, compare prices, and never be afraid to challenge a GC to his competitor--how do you know who is being true?

Payment is usually the priority of the GC and timeline is typically your priority. If the GC isn't being paid and can't pay the team or purchase materials, the project stops! If the schedule isn't being met and timeline for completion is delayed many things can be effected to include bank draws and loan payments, closing costs (rehabs and listings), moving costs, material and labor costs, the list goes on!

Questions to ask.

  1. Is the GC licensed and able to provide proof of such? Note: Licensing comes on many level depending on the state and size of project. These requirements can be reviewed and licensing registration confirmed with the County Planning and Zoning office.

  2. Does the GC have insurance and able to provide proof? Note: Insurance coverage varies depends on the type of contractor license held by the Contractor.

  3. Is the GC able to provide an estimate, and if agreed upon willing to present and sign a detailed contract, to include labor, material, and timeline? Note: Be sure to note who purchases materials, how contingency costs and overages will be managed and paid.

  4. How does the contractor expect to be paid? Note: If using a bank loan, draws based on completion will most likely be required. If not, ensure funding can be secured to pay the GC or the project is likely to come to a screeching halt!

  5. How many projects has the GC completed similar to the requested; can pictures along with respective references be provided? Note: Pictures of rehabs can be found online and references can be faked. Be sure to ask for both that coincide together to more likely get a strong reference.

This is a basic guideline to get you started! We are available to answer questions and guide you into a healthy project with a desired completion that will be on-budget and on-time. Call us today to get started and learn your options to remap your inner city! :)

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